Sheree Whitby is the founder of Life Recharge, a business dedicated to provide inspiration and empowerment through events, coaching and apparel that renew, revitalize and impact your everyday life. As a speaker, educator, and author, Sheree is intent on providing hope, positivity and a desire for resilience.

In June 2007, Sheree and her family faced the ultimate test of there faith with the near drowning injury of her youngest son Darren. Despite the grim prognosis, with the support of her husband, parents, close family and friends, Sheree was able to overcome the emotional devastation and continue to share and live God’s Word.

In the backdrop of her life, Sheree has a history of providing hope and positivity while persevering. As a proud graduate of Virginia Union University, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in English. She was crowned Miss Virginia Union University 1997-1998, which began her public speaking career. Sheree coined the theme “Focus on Christ and All Things Shall Prosper,” teaching youth and young adults to empower themselves with education and to persevere with God.

An educator in a public school system for over 16 years, she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Management from National University and Administration and Supervision Certification from McDaniel College. Dedicated to encourage, promote, and support access to diverse learning opportunities for all students, she strives to close achievement gaps and prepare students for life beyond high school.

Sheree was a former youth pastor of The Pillar Worship Center and the founder of Regenerated Youth Ministry, where her father Apostle Roger Johnson presides. At The Pillar, with her husband Terrell, she held Friday Night Live fellowship and Bible study, college tours and a host of other events. In June 2012, Sheree, Terrell, her mother Lynne Tilley, and a team dedicated to youth hosted the Regenerated Youth Conference in Baltimore City with over 150 youth attendees.

She authentically demonstrates her love for Christ and humanity through her core belief that it is essential for each person to strive for excellence in his or her pursuit of knowledge and the good life. Sheree is passionate about teaching the importance of a personal relationship with God.

Her ultimate joy is to spend time creating memories with her husband, children, Tiana, Devin and Darren, and grandchild Nolan. With the storms of life raging their way, relying on their relationship with God, Sheree and Terrell have been able to remain steadfast and faithful in prayer, guidance and support.

Sheree is the author of the 30-day devotional series A Word to Regenerate Your Life. Her first book in the series is 30 Days to Overcome was published in May 2017. The next book in the series, 30 Days to Capture the Heart of God, was published in October 2017. Her new book project is Born Overcomers: A Guide to Overcoming with four other overcomers will be released in January 2018.