Mother's Day

Excitement is in the AIR

You have no idea!! I’m so excited about Mother’s Day and my birthday all on the same day, May 14, 2017. No, this is not the first time my birthday landed on Mother’s Day. However, this year I am releasing my first devotional A Word to Regenerate Your Life: 30 Days to Overcome for pre-orders on this special day.

It’s almost as if I’ve becoming a mother all over again. Although the process of delivering this book to you was not 9 months, it was indeed a process. I’ve been stretched. I’ve been stretched in my thinking, learning, relationships, and finances, just to name a few. I think I even see stretch marks or train tracks, whatever you like to call them.

Isn’t that like anything worthwhile or worth experiencing? GROWTH will stretch you! It requires being stabilized to expand your opportunity for the good things in life, like a baby, a book, a dream or any other success. Have you been stretched lately? Where are you growing? Your “good thing” is on the other side of the labor pains and stretch marks.

During this weekend, celebrate your mother or mother figure in your life. Be thankful for each breath you breathe. Be thankful for growing and stretching through the process to deliver your baby. Don’t know what your dream is yet? Spend a few moments to capture an idea or two to get you started.

My hope is that you will pre-order A Word to Regenerate Your Life: 30 Days to Overcome this Sunday. Click on Store to order yours on Mother’s Day. I’m sure that will get you started and help you to overcome some challenges have or may come your way.

I can’t wait until Sunday! I’m looking forward to celebrating with my mother on our special day, while enjoying time with family and friends!

Let me hear from you!

Growing with you,